Thursday, 29 December 2011

Happy New Year's Eve Eve Eve

Today I woke up at the inhumane hour of 9 o' clock to drop Awesome's present off and wish her a happy birthday (I got her a cocktail book - who knows, maybe it shall be useful tomorrow!).
I've just had a quick Facebook catchup with a childhood best friend mine - we have recently grown apart but we are meeting up at the end of the holidays to go shopping which will be gooood. She asked bout how Knight was and I told her we haven't seen each other all holiday. Isn't that WEIRD! It just seems as though I've seen him, or that we've spent a lot of time together but, surely enough, I haven't seen him face-to-face since we went to see Harry Potter (for him because he hadn't seen it, and for me because Daniel Radcliffe is Hot with a capital H). Wow, I feel like I have wasted my holiday - you know when all your days blur into one? That just about describes my entire holiday.
But tomorrow shall be fun, New Year's Eve Eve party chez moi. Obviously I am majorly excited, but I keep getting flashbacks of American sit-coms where a teenage girl has a party and nobody comes (!) and I hate hosting things - you have to: make sure nobody is sick, make sure nobody breaks anything, maintain dignity and posture at all times, tidy up people's food crumbs and look presentable when your parents return home (a skill I failed to master when my parents walked in on us on my Sweet Sixteenth where I was apparently off my face... No, seriously, I don't remember loads of that night - apparently I did shots of champagne - how is that even possible?!?!)
Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted when there are passed out bodies everywhere and I'm getting arrested...I hope I didn't just jinx myself...
Grammar Gal

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