Sunday, 1 January 2012


Terribly sorry for not posting sooner, but I'm afraid I have been rather ill which, alas, meant that I had to postpone the New Year's Eve Eve party and shall have to do it on another day instead...
I shall not give you the icky details into the virus I caught but let's just say that I haven't gone into the New Year with my usual optimistic I-can-do-anything attitude.
Firstly, this is because I have a migraine which feels as though Muhammad Ali has been hitting my head with a metal hammer for hours on end.
Secondly, I have so much work to do and 3 days to do it in.
Thirdly, I have NO IDEA what I have done during these holidays - they have literally gone so quickly and I haven't really done anything: I didn't meet up with Knight, I met up with the friends once or twice - so what have I been doing, other than trying to write this book?!?!
Oh dear.
Well, I think I shall re-blog when I have something cheerful to say - but I hope 2012 brings y'all happiness :)

**************************************** 3 hours later *********************************

I know you must be impressed by this: I actually left my house OMG, right?! Yeah, popped down to Game and bought just about all of the Harry Potter related stuff in there - because that's obviously what badass people do.
Then I came home, did a bit of Knight stalking, got depressed that he has a social life and then had a consultation with the two men I have been having passionate affairs with since before I remember: Ben and Jerry. And now I sit here, wallowing in self pity, and listening to Video Games by Lana Del Rey which is an amazing song, but very depressing and now I feel the need to wear all black and go Taylor Momsen-esque.

Oh Golly (aware how British I sound here) I have FINISHED the Ben and Jerry tub... Right - need food. Doing a bit of exploring but all I can see is Rich Tea Biscuits. Not enough calories in that are there? Really, they are like lettuce, but not green. Oh, this is dire! Right, I shall munch on this gum. EURGH how long has THAT been in my bag for?!?!
I shall just wallow here in pity, hungry and *deep dramatic breath* alone.

Grammar Gal

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