Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Waking up with more than a hangover

Yesterday was such a hoot and a half! I went shopping with a new friend in the morning, and then in the afternoon a big group of us "watched the cricket" aka got realllllllly drunk and sunabathed.
There was just one tiny problem...I got absolutely off my face. I'm talking 'Drunk Skunk' x100000!

And whilst everyone does love a drunk friend, it turns out that not everybody loves a drunk girlfriend. I went and cocked things up with my big ol' drunken mouth. Now Mr Melon and I are having some 'space' because he needs to revise and I'm a demanding girlfriend, who is appaz v selfish and clingy.

So not only have I woken up with bags under my eyes the size of the Grand Canyon, and nausea that could easily be mistaken for morning sickness, but I also have a very angry but gorgeous boyfriend, who seems to think that I'm an infuriating hippo (and not the cute hippos either - the ones that go around eating people and are really scary and need to be tamed!)

Maybe I should just respect his need for space. I mean, it must be hard to revise when you have a girlfriend who wants to talk to you and gets miffed when you don't reply. He's even turned off his "Last Seen" thingy on Whatsapp!!!

But it's going to be OK... As I (repetitively) told him last night, if two people love each other then they can work things out.

OH MY SWEET JESUS. I just remembered leaving him a voicemail and then he texted me saying it was too unbearable to listen to!!! I am past the Land of Embarrassed and heading towards the Cliff of Mortified!!!

Ok, let's just stay calm. The plan is to hide in my duvet and make myself a little fort. Who said you can't hide from your problems?

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