Thursday, 28 November 2013

Walk Out The Door, CHG

I've made a fair few mistakes in my life: from trying to bake a cake whilst home alone and being too scared to take it out of the boiling-hot oven and thus burning it, to spending obscene amounts of money on skirts which are super-cute when worn with certain tops but, otherwise, are absolutely ugly.
But for once I've not made a mistake. Recently, Curly Haired Guy (the tosser that left me for that 8-year-old hoe) came back into my life telling me:
A. He loved me
B. He misses me
C. He was stupid to let me go

And he told his friends that he still likes me.
This confused me muchly but after singing a few verses of Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive', I have decided not to let myself be taken in by a bad man, and that he should 'go on now go, walk out the door'. If he loved me so much then why da fuq did he leave me for a hoe?! He just wants what he can't have and so fuck 'im (not literally, or that defeats the whole purpose of this).
Not that I hate CHG. he's lovely, but tres manipulative, so he shall be a friend and nothing more.
In other news, the Queen Of Jealousy has resigned, as formerly promised, but I'm still a clingy little koala bear (but, in all seriousness, why hasn't Humbug texted me back? It's been, like, a millennium... Ok, it's been 2 days. I'm a freak.)
So now all is well with the world and it's almost Christmas falalalalalalalala

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