Saturday, 9 November 2013

Becoming Rory

I'm concerned. Very concerned. On my first date with Humbug I was a shy little mouse because
A. I was tired
B. He was sooooooo loud that I couldn't get a word in edgeways
C. He was a bit intimidating
D. I had nothing really to say.

However, I thought we had made it through this stage. I thought we were through the Awkward Tunnel and in the fields of mellowness. But, alas, no.
He still thinks I am shy, and I suppose I can see why.
I never talk to his friends because I'm an awkward melon and I avert eye contact with all people who intimidate me. Secondly, Humbug is in my English class where, similarly, there are some really intimidating people (including the teacher himself who is so blunt and says "No, I think you're wrong" to our comments!). So, from this, he thinks I'm really shy.
But when I'm with him I'm usually bubbly and quirky like normal...!! OK, so sometimes I'm ridiculously tired (thanks to the glandular fever last year) and then I'm not quite such a happy chappy and I'm not so full of energy so I'm quiet and I just listen. But SOMETIMES I AM MY NORMAL BUBBLY SELF.
It's like I'm becoming Rory from Gilmore Girls - she spends all her time in the library, she reads, she's shy...
But I'm not a Rory! True, I'm all innocent and naive like her, but I am NOT shy.
I'm outgoing! And Humbug texted me "You're the most outgoing person I know LOL JK" which was so mean...!
And he's meant to be coming round later to watch Lord of the Rings. But I'm so annoyed gaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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