Monday, 27 May 2013

Onwards and upwards

Guys as soon as I have finished listening to Whtney Houston I am making a new start! I don't want to be cynical and I cannot judge all of boy kind on a sample of 4 or 5 manwhores and knobheads.
So from now on I am Out of the Slump ad I will be open minded but not with manwhores who are devoid of love and niceness. So from now on Grammar Gal is going to go for boy who fit The New Criteria:
A. Funny. They have to make me laugh. Like Knight did and CHG did not!
B. Not selfish and therefore not a knob like Knight and CHG and Dan the loverat
C. Not a Manwhore
D. Ambitious and perhaps slightly academic
E. someone who likes me BECAUSE of my weirdness and NOT IN SPITE of it! This is where CHG failed me - I was too weird for him!
F. Brunette. Idk why but blondes just..... No. Blonde is a girl had colour and not for guys. Sorry !
G. Treat me well and not like a Kiss-Toy or someone to ignore.

Think that sums it up. I know my standards are slightly high. And it doesn't help that I am expecting The Guy to look like Channning Tatum too...
Keep you posted

Right, chums. I have been down in the dumps lately because
A. I have realised how awful manwhores are
B. The manwhore I was flirting with the other night kissed my friend :O
C. Everyone has a best friend and I just have a big group of friends and I'm not extremely close with many of them. And the gal I thought was one of my best friends is actually kinda self-centred. So this blue-mood led me to...

COCKING UP THE PLAN. Sigh. Deep breaths. I was going to move on from Knight and the manwhores and live a fantabulous life as a Teenage Singleton.
Instead I texted Knight whilst being a Tipsy Gypsy.
It gets worse. I texted him practically begging him to be friends with me because I needed someone to talk to. AND THEN I realised how pathetic that was so I sent YET ANOTHER TEXT where I compared myself to Trotsky and said that I don't need a best friend.

Like, why me? Why did I do that? Why am I a numpty? Anyways, Knight did not reply (what a shocker! He never replies unless he needs me)
And I promise that from now on Grammar Gal shall be more feisty and independent. I don't need a Knight and I don't need a best friend and I don't need a line of manwhores.
Nope. I need my group of friends and I need to maintain my sense of humour and just keep my chin up.

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