Sunday, 30 September 2012

Both sides of the argument

On the one hand, Knight is a complete prick who has ignored me for months, forced me into a spiral of depression where listening to Sad FM seemed to be the only relief I could get.
On the other hand, Knight is perfect. We can't debate this - just take my word for it; his girlfriend is a very lucky girl.
Look, I already know that he's out of reach now and I've accepted this, but everyone I talk to thinks that Knight is a Knob and I feel the need to show you the other side of the argument - the side where I cocked up.
Today I found myself looking at old messages from Knight and I came across this:
 I love everything about you, your smile, your hair and the fact that you inexplicably think that dogs can read your mind. I dont mind that you dont feel the same way about me and i shall never stop talking to you until the unfortunate day when i create the worlds biggest frappacino and it falls and crushes me, but until that day i shall continue to give you weather reports and randam updates on things. Even if you dont feel the same way as i do to you im just so happy i know you. I do and shall always love you.

And I let this amazing boy slip through my fingers.
So if anyone's a knob it's me.

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