Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fishing Trip One

I'll admit I had my doubts. I mean, I have no idea where the good fishing (and by this I mean boy) spots are. A skatepark would be too desperate and a cafe would not have a high chance of success. It seems that "fishing trips" cannot be planned - they just happen. And that's what happened today.
Yesterday I was worried that it would never ever happen - that I'd remain a spinster and my only interaction with the opposite sex would be some adolescent honking at me from his car, rolling the windows down and showing me his middle finger (this has happened on 2 occasions now - and they say that chivalry is dead...!).
But today me and some of my friends went to Hyde Park which, by the way, was super fun. We went on those pedalos and I feel exercised - I know I know, I'm turning into a Gym Goddess (OK, well. no...but let me pretend!). Well then we spontaneously decided to go swimming. At only 80p entry for the swimming bit of the lake it was pretty hard to say no.
Being a water baby, I couldn't resist the chance to go proper swimming - as opposed to dipping my feet in - and I idiotically went all the way in - with the water up to my neck! - and, yes, my knickers/bra/shorts/top got drenched, but it was oddly worth it.
When we got out these really cute Italian lifeguards started talking to us and, according to my friends, one of the guys (by name of Lorenzo) was flirting with me. Harrumph it seems unlikely - I mean, I had dirt covering my shirt pocket and my hair stank of sewage! Nonetheless, they insisted he was, and then later my friend said that this other lifeguard was "hitting on" me. Again, I'm dubious.
But I'd love to believe it was true because they were PHWOAR.
Right, so the whole flirting thing with Lorenzo. It's pretty short:
L: Are you ladies OK? (this is after we emerge from the water, me dripping literally from head to toe)
Me: *thumbs up* We're good. Hey, do you know where I can get a towel from?
L: *in his cute Italian accent* A...towel?
Me: *motioning wrapping myself in a towel* Yeah a towel
L: Oh! Yes you must go to the till and hire one, but if you tell them Lorenzo sent you then it's free *cutest smile I've ever seen*.

I don't understand how the second lifeguard situation was at all flirtation. I mean, he just remarked that I had a lot of change (this was at the towel hire place) and asked if I went to church often (apparently you get a lot of change there - which I still don't get!).

Something that my friends told me did slightly worry me, though. I cannot flirt. I know I said before [http://grammar-gal.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/flirting-complex.html ] that I never have flirted and I don't understand why girls do, but I didn't know that I was incapable of doing so. As in, I find flirting as easy as eating yoghurt with a fork. Not happening.
I talked to my Relationship Guru, RF, and he says that the key to a guy's heart is flattery - returning compliments etc... but also playing hard to get.
It all sounds so complex - why can't we just march up to the guy and make a huminahuminahumina-aah sound. I bet that's how they did it in the old days before books like "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" came out. My attempts at flattery today included...well I answered his question about the church - I said "No I don't". There you go - that's communication, the foundation to any relationship.. Oh, who am I kidding!?

Anyways, this fishing trip has sparked hope and has numbed, nay eradicated, the embarrassment of sending the Knob (formerly known as Knight - look, times change and names change...) ANOTHER text. What is wrong with me?!
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal 

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