Friday, 8 June 2012

The three certainties

In these troublesome times a girl looks for things which she is sure of. In my case there are three things:
1. I have managed to bruise myself in the face. HOW? you may be wondering. To put it simply, I am a numpty. Yesterday when I opened my wardrobe I was feeling simply too lazy to take down the hanger for my jeans, so instead I thought I'd do the smart-arse thing and just yank the jeans until they fell off (we all do this..). Only, of course, I yanked the jeans too hard and the hanger snapped and flew towards my chin and fast-speed. So now I have a little and dare I say attractive lump on my face. As if I don't have enough worries.
2. It is absolutely impossible to pull an all-nighter on Orange Juice alone. Having consumed 2 red bulls today I feel I have reached my limit; I don't want to become a jittery nervous wreck (again). So I've been fuelling myself with Orange Juice but to no such avail since I am practically asleep. Hence I shall have to go and open another Red Bull. I've kind of gone off Red Bull, though, since Knight once joked that they had Bull sperm in them. It's never tasted right since.
3. That, although I cannot cook, I can invent new snacks which are fantabulously delicious. Today I invented the Nutella Biscuit (it's probably already been invented but LET ME HAVE THIS) where you
A. Take a rich tea biscuit and spread nutella on its reverse
B. Take another rich tea biscuit and spread nutella on its reverse.
C. Put both rich tea biscuits together and smother some nutella on the top biscuit for good measure.
D. Eat and fall in love. Literally - this was my lunch (I had planned to make my infamous Fish 'n' chips but instead opted for this...safer option)

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal


  1. I made some Nutella Biscuits and they are DELICOUSSS!!! I absolutely love themmmm :D Thanks for the idea(:

  2. Ah, I'm glad! Everyone thought I was just being crazy - but they are SO GOOD! (: