Thursday, 28 June 2012


Hola chums :D
Tonight was the night of the prom (the moment I have been waiting for for, oooh, a year??) and it was...a let down.
True I did enjoy doing my awkward dances that make me look like a chimpmunk in a straight jacket, but the music was not brilliant (sorry RF!) and my feet feel as though I've amputated them. I'e already apologised profusely to them in my defense.
Oh yes, and it's taken TWENTY-THREE cotton wool pads to take off all of this foundation and other crap on my face. Sigh. Oh how easy it must be being a guy - you just go home and:
1. Take off shoes.
2. Change into PJs (I assume guys wear those...?)
3. Sleep.

Whereas for me I've
1. Collapsed on the sofa and had a little heart-to-heart with my feet.
2. Taken off my make-up - a seemingly impossible task.
3. Changed into PJs.
4. Collapsed on the sofa again to recuperate from the dancing...


Well, anyways, it was swell seeing my friends - we had a surprisingly good time considering we were ready to go home at 8:30 and had to endure 2 more hours...
And RF was very sweet - he actually called me 'hot' which, I won't lie, did make me feel better - I mean, when a guy you've liked for over a year goes off with some girl then you do look for a pick me up. RF is a very good friend and I did try to stick up for him when the adjectives used to describe him were "shit", "awful", "eurgh"...amongst others.

Well anyways it's time for me to go to Bedfordshire (not literally, although I don't think that's even a place..?!!)
Keep you posted (more regularly than last time - promise!)
Grammar Gal xxx

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