Thursday, 21 June 2012

Gym Goddess in training

Why hello there chums :)
Today has been a rather ashamedly uneventful day - as opposed to doing the heap of work on my desk I have found myself otherwise preoccupied.
First I ordered a ton of stuff off of Amazon - a.k.a. I splurged what money I had left and then wrote an IOU to my Dad for the rest. But don't worry the money situation is completely under control - I'm going to cycle down to the shop tomorrow and buy a Lottery Ticket and, hell, I'm feeling lucky!
I don't blame you for reading that line thrice: I'm going to "cycle". Truth be told that does constitute a Mindfuck Moment. I never ever do voluntary exercise. Ever. Today I cleared out my wardrobe (which included pulling down clothes and putting them on a pile) and I was left breathless - HOW?!! Who knows?! Today I read that the average teenage girl "only does 17 minutes of exercise a day". Pffft as if!! Seriously, though, why would I do anything which requires my looking like a red blotchy mess with hair sticking to my face?
Nonetheless, starting tomorrow/the-next-day/next-week I shall be a Gym Goddess, an artist of athleticism. I will run down the street without collapsing in a heap and I will not get a stitch from running downstairs to eat my breakfast (which recently has been Nutella Sandwiches - Yum with a capital Y).
I really tried to get into the Exercising/Powerful mood today and so I thought I'd drink a bit o' Lucozade - afterall it has such powerful mottos all over it: "DRINK. THINK. DO" and "Out-do the doers" being just a few examples. I realised this was a bad idea when it took me 5 minutes to open the bloody bottle, by which time I had somehow managed to acquire an attractive burn on the palm of my hand.
Then I saw one of my neighbours walk past (not The Bangable One but this other beauty - who knew there were so many beauties living in suburbia?!) which was rather awkward since just the other day I had been belting out a bit o' Stevie Wonder "Isn't She Lovely" and was in full-swing doing a little clicking dance down the road when I looked up and saw him looking straight at me. In a panic I just dropped my head and hummed. Sigh.

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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