Sunday, 20 May 2012

To sum it up: GCSEs + stress + no Knight = pity party

Ay, me! 
I am rather exhausted and have not had a good nights sleep in SO LONG so I will unfortunately have to bid you adieu at some point shortly, but I thought I'd just give a brief update into life as Grammar Gal.
Well, at present I am taking my GCSEs (hence I haven't blogged very often!) so my days consist of cramming as much information as possible into my head, and then hopefully writing it down correctly in the exams.
Sometimes I text RF and that's nice - because he's sweet and just a general Gent and I feel like we're friends. 
Unlike Knight. Knight makes no effort to contact me, he texts me every once and a while but other than that... I know I know I said I wouldn't dwell on Knight since I cocked-up my impression of him last time, but...why don't I explain the predicament:

Let's take a boy and call him Burt. Now let's take a girl and call her Gwenda. Now, Burt and Gwenda are all great friends ladida --> fastforward 2 years ---> they now admit that they fancy the pants off each other. However, Burt never contacts Gwenda and Gwenda tells herself that Burt is busy. BUT IT'S LIES because Gwenda's Facebook puts on her News Feed that Burt's ex and Burt are still talking...yet Burt hasn't contacted Gwenda in weeks.

See the dilemma?!

You know what this is - a pity party. I'm sitting here amongst my pile of diet coke cans and red bulls which I am tempted to make into a pyramid (although that would require maybe not..) and wallowing in self-pity. 
Let's blame it on the stress. 

Keep you posted when I'm not typing this half asleep and when things are a lot more hunky-dory :D
Grammar Gal xxx

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