Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Let's rant and rave

Having endured 2 GCSE exams so far I feel that there is an important issue out there that I must address.

Picture this: you're in the exam hall. It's silent. The clock is ticking away as you scribble for dear life and pray the dreaded words "And may you all put down your pens" won't be said. You're looking at your paper and are aware of everyone else around you and wonder where they're up to in this motherfucker of an exam. Then you see it: a sea of feet tapping away. Are they tapping in unison? Of course not; one foot is tapping to the beat of Run The World (Beyonce) and someone else's is rocking their foot back and forward and snail pace.
THE FRUSTRATION; welcome to my exam life.
It's like an OCD; as soon as the exam starts I look around at everyone else automatically and see if their feet are stationery. If their feet are not stationery and, instead, they are conducting a little feet-orchestra with them, then I come to the realisation that I will forever loathe this person. It doesn't matter that they  may be the nicest or sweetest person I will ever meet. I just know that this will be the permanent rift between us forever and ever. And at the end of the torture, what do you do? You tell them (if you're brave enough) and they promise never to do it again.
Next exam: guess whose foot is tapping? Bitch.

Moving onto my next problem (as you can see this is a rant): I was bending down to pick something out of my locker and I came up and this girl opened her locker and I felt the metal door engrave itself into my face. I now have a cut on my head the size of Mount Everest, proceeded to have a motherfucker of a headache and you know what she said? No, why don't you guess. Did she say: Oh my God I'm So Sorry Are You OK? No. Did she say: I'm Such An Idiot Are You Alright *accompanied by sympathetic hug* ? No.
Instead she said one single word: Sorry. Then she walked away. Superbitch.


Then the exam itself was TORTUROUS: ran out of time and I came out close to tears to hear e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y- say it "wasn't that bad". Fuck that.

On the plus side, I've been invited to crash a party and some random person's house which (if I'm allowed to go) will be great. Although, let's face it, we'll probs be kicked out before you can say "Nice place you got here..."

Keep you posted and try not to rant again,
Grammar Gal

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