Friday, 27 April 2012

What a Gem

Today was god-awful.
I won't mention the specifics but a friend and I got into an argument and I got pretty upset (which is actually quite unusual for me..).
After The Incident I realised how much I've missed having the Knight Guarantee of year 9 (where I would call him and he'd always pick up). Nowadays, he never picks up. This is problematic because, whilst walking home and still feeling shit-awful I really wanted him to be my Rock. But, it turns out, he's not my Rock - he didn't call back and now it looks bad for the number of times I have been upset and called him and he has not replied.
But I thought that once you've realised there's mutual love there that the Games stop, and you freely call each other up - this would no longer look "desperate" -clearly I was wrong!
Well, my Rock didn't come in the form of Knight or Awesome but, instead, from another lovely lady whom has not yet been introduced to y'all - let's call her Gem because she is definitely a Top Babe :)
She called me when I got home and we talked for ages - it was really sweet and lovely of her.
ALSO, Gem and I are doing a 26-hour challenge -we have to stay up for 26hrs in holidays with no caffeine! Will definitely keep you posted on that!

Sorry for the gloom,
Keep you posted when things get cheerier,
Grammar Gal

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