Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pity party for me!

All we need is a little perspective.
True, one of my favourite friends reduced me to tears yesterday and Monday is bound to be awkward. It's equally true that RF is currently at a party having the time of his life whilst Isit surrounded by my walls of post-its, the sudden realisation hitting me that my Knight is probably too busy to save me.
Wait - where's the good side of this?
WELL, for starters, RF calls me "babe" and is really sweet and lovely. Like a gay best friend. But not gay.
ALSO, Gem was a Top Babe yesterday - and so was Mrs Nerg to be fair :)

And yet I still feel like a lonesome pidgeon. Oh, sigh...
This, by the way, is what we call a Pity Party. It's an event where one dwells on the misfortunes of one's life and celebrates their failures.
Welcome to the Pity Party that is my life.

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