Saturday, 7 April 2012

Keep Calm and Marry Prince Harry

Today has been both productive and unproductive.
Unproductive: I had my hair highlighted today which took ageeeees so I missed out a great fat chunk in my revision schedule, then I spent 2 hours planning what work I was going to do today, then the 'rents came home and wanted to spend "quality time" together, then The Voice came on. And here we are: 8:20 pm, have done practically nothing and on the verge of tears. Red Bulls at the ready.
Productive: Bazz gave me some Knight advice about the whole I-should-tell-him-I-love-him-or-go-out-with-him situation before he finds someone else. But I really want to wait until the summer when my brain won't be occupied and when I can focus on something other than the History of Britain. Fuck My Life.

Dammit Bazz, what have you done?! I was feeling calm and poised about the whole situation and now I cannot focus on this very interesting information about Pythagoras' Theorem -.-

And bring on the tears and wailing.

Stay Calm And Marry Prince Harry - this is my new catchprase. Calm and collected.
Will tell Knight in the summer. Sorted.

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xx

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