Friday, 6 April 2012

Have we been a bit harsh on RF..?

OK now I feel guilty. I feel I have given an awful representation of RockerFella. It's tricky to determine his character (let the record show I shall never in a gazillion years fancy him) because I hear from numerous sources that he's a:
- Pig
- User
- Potential racist (but I wouldn't believe that girl who told me that - she's the school's gossip! She loves stirring up trouble..!)

Well, if he is any of the above then I sure as hell have never seen this side to him - he's only ever been sweet and caring towards me. Nonetheless if he was a racist I would bitchslap him, rest assured.
But the thing is...he's actually really lovely. I've been speaking to him for the past hour or so and whilst he can't hold a candle to Knight, he is rather sweet.
I've been giving him girlfriend advice (which is bitterly ironic since I'm a commitment phob) and he's been giving me Knight advice. It's quite a nice compromise.
I love having someone to tell things to (and listening to other's problems too) - because whilst I adore Awesome, I don't think she really wants to hear about my thoughts on Knight, or the details of our date. But I want to tell people these things! Maybe that's the reason I have a blog - because I'm a blabbermouth. Probably, not going to lie!
I like talking about Knight but I have no-one to talk to about him:
- Awesome: not really interested.
- Mrs Nerg: admittedly a very good listener, but I don't want to constantly bombard her with Boy Talk; she already thinks I'm boy-obsessed (now where would she get that idea from..?)
- My mother: she's on Team Knight and thinks I should stop 'stringing him along and just go out with him already'. Why can't people just wait until FUCKING SUMMER?!
And this brings us back to RockerFella - a good listener who is very nice (albeit a bit bland).

Right. It's 21:56 and I need to do yet another Physics mock paper. FML.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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