Saturday, 14 April 2012

I know I know RF is bad news, Knight is - well- the Knight and all should be well.
But Knight hasn't called/delivered that T-shirt so I'm guessing he hates me and forever will do.
And we're back to the Magic stage. Except - no, not this time. This time we have RF - sweet ol' RF who is like a shot of ego-boost.
Mmmm a shot would be welcome right now. So tired. Need to sleep. Yet RF is still talking to me. And he's really nice. I wish I could talk to him whilst asleep.
Ooo that would be cool. When you sleep you could just a-wonder into other people's dreams.
That's a nice thought.
You know what else is a nice thought?


On a completely separate note, yesterday I had my highlights re-done by a lovely lady who didn't bully me into:
A. Getting a side fringe
B. Getting a side parting
C. Having a zillion inches taken off...

Instead, the lady was a gem and didn't even ask me too many probing questions.
My least favourite question is always "What are your plans for the weekend?" because this entails having to lie and say you're going to a party/gathering/date with your family/friends/boyfriend which is a slap in the face when the truth is that you will be colour-coding your post-its...

Well, anyways, here it is (not that you'll be able to see any change due to the fact my webcam is the epitome of shit)...

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