Sunday, 29 April 2012

Football is just emotional

Football makes me cry. When one team [cough Chelsea cough] scores way more points than the other team it is just SO SAD because the other team have trained for so long to get there and then all their dreams have been crushed -
I may be reading a little further into this than necessary.

It's just too emotional.
On the other hand, Torres is huminahuminahumina-aaaaaa

Slightly off topic...

I don't understand how boys can like this god-awful sport - it's horrible and cut-throat and downright mean! And yet the boys on my bus talk about it non-stop - as if they are on first name basis with all of the players...

I want to see some women's football and if my TV wasn't so shit and if I had a Sky box thing, then I would be doing so right now.
Guy football is so... lame?

Don't tell RF I said that though - he LOVES Chelsea. I support Liverpool - because they went on Jeremy Kyle Show and granted a little kid his wish of meeting them. Made my life :')

Anywho - lots of work and no time to do it!
Bring on the Red Bull..!

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