Monday, 16 April 2012

BEWARE: Feminist rant [if you're a male pig then look away now]

Let's deviate from the usual tale of my pathetic so-called love life (even RF thinks I should move on from Knight who obviously no longer likes me in any way, but Bazz totally disagrees and thinks he's perfect - which, naturally, he is) and talk about a completely different topic.
Today I feel the need to vent out a bit of rage I have stored inside about the gender unbalance in today's society. Those of you who know me will verify that I am definitely not a feminist - whilst I want men and women to be equal in rights and opportunity, I still let Knight pay for my lunch and let boys let me go on the bus first. But these are minor and insignificant differences. What really pisses me off is that when I drive around at night I don't see any girls on the street - boys with 'swag' in grey tracksuit bottoms that stumble to their destination frequently litter the pavements. Yet there are rarey any girls. It strikes me that we still live in a Man's World (cue James Brown) - why is it that my mother was doing the same job as a man and was getting paid half of his salary? Why is it that girls are too frightened to walk the streets at night? Why is it that the word 'feminist' has such negative implications?
It's because guys (think they) rule the world. I mean, where's the Female Presidents? True, we did have a female Prime Minister but she kinda cocked that up... Oh Maggie... *rolls eyes*

And Breathe.

This is just something that's been pissing me off ever since Giraffe once told me about a time he was walking home from Brixton late at night (or something along those lines...) and he mocked my fear of leaving the house late at night. God, he was a bastard.

Back to happier topics: I have successfully devoured a Lindt Bunny, half a tub of Ben and Jerry's and a packet of Chocolaet Digestives. Sometimes food can be your best friend. Who needs a man when you can have Maryland Cookies??

Well, it's 20 past 10 and I need to do some work. Why is my life a rollercoaster of excitement? I blame the Convent.

Grammar Gal xxx

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