Sunday, 12 February 2012

Meh.. D:

You know those days where things go from bad to worse? Well, that was my day today.
For starters, I woke up to my mother telling me that Whitney Houston, a beloved favourite singer of mine, is dead.
So, not the best of starts to a day.
Now, I'm not sure I believe in the "Heaven" theory as such, but I do think that when you die it's not the end. I think you can choose what you want to do when you die - you can go to whichever of the multitudes of parallel universes you want to move to, or you can choose to end your life. If this theory is correct, then when I die I hope to go back to the 60s...
But I think I'm going off topic...
Right, then I went to the pub with the family. At the pub, a cute waitor served us and we all engaged in small talk about poor Whitney Houston and Tomato Sauce etc... Later on in this pub visit, I spilt Tomato sauce down my jeans and somehow managed to spill Diet Coke down my jeans too, resulting in the "I-just-wet-myself" look most popular amongst 2 year olds... Not very attractive, I must say.
Things progressed from bad to worse now that I'm sitting here "doing" my essay on Pride and Prejudice, when I noticed a new message in my inbox. Hope filled me. I assumed it was X, begging me to take him back into arms. Or even RF saying somethign witty, albeit this seemed unlikely. I also hoped it would be Awesome saying some amusing anecdote to brighten up my day.
But, alas, no. Do you want to know who texted me? A pension company.
Oh, no, you didn't misread that.. A pension company has texted me and has kindly infomed me that my pension "could be underperforming" and has left me a number to text to get a better quote. One text. The entire day. From a pension company.


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