Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

I love December. Everyone scurrying to and fro, wrapped up in their mittens and gloves, couples kissing in the street (although it gets to a point where they should just GET A ROOM and stop bragging!), occasional snow (albeit it turns to slush straight away) and the biting winds (OK, there's nothing good about them whatsoever, but I thought I'd mention it anyway..).
It's CHRISTMAS EVE - the season to be jolly, as we all know :)  We have this tradition where we all open one present on Christmas Eve (I'm still baffled no-one else does this - it's so fun) so, yeah, today shall be a nice day with the fam :)

I am a failure of a human being. Knight is just a big question mark in my head at the moment; even listening to some good ol' Taylor Swift hasn't managed to clear my head.. I think I shall just push him to the back of my mind, as I do with all of my problems when I can't solve them - hence I am a failure of a human being.
However, I'm not totally terrible - I have arranged to meet up with Knight on the 29th so wish me luck! Also, Awesome and I stayed up till early this morning talking (and disputing of course - she has created a blog called grammar gal 2 or something - that's just not allowed...) and she has given me a deadline (in true Grammar girls fashion) to tell Knight that we should go on a date at some point (the deadline is my New Year's Eve Eve party... so it's really a win-win: if I tell him then great and if I chicken out then I can drunk call him and refuse all knowledge of it the next day - win-win as I said!) so, greeeat..

Well, Happy Holidays everyone, I probably won't be able to blog too much over the next two days since I'm spending "quality time" with the fam - including the grandparents coming in from the countryside, which should be nice :)

But, since the parents have driven to the countryside, I may entertain myself by watching Clueless - true it isn't Christmas-y but it's AMAZING!
Oh, and I just agreed to cook tonight for a change (I HAVE NEVER COOKED ANYTHING IN MY LIFE, EXCLUDING POT NOODLES, AND SOMETIMES THEY GO WRONG TOO!!!). But, I'm not freaking all...
Keep you posted when I burn my house down,
Grammar Gal

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