Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy holidays!

Well a Merry Christmas to you all!
Today has been a lazy day for me with the house full of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins... I would say "The More The Merrier" but I have an aching bum from sitting on the floor all day which would disprove this. I've enjoyed having the whole fam round - don't get me worng, but I'd have liked to have seen more of my parents, who were busy all day! Oh well, c'est la vie as I always say!

Unfortunately, Knight did not turn up at my house with a bunch of roses, serenading me because, hey, it's Christmass! But then I have to remember that my life isn't a movie...

Back to reality, Downton Abbey was amazing, food was brill today and I'm wearing the comfiest babygrow that ever was created - overall a pretty good day!

Not going to lie, I think Boxing Day is the best, though, since it's a day dedicated to playing/using/wearing presents :') As the Bromley chavs would say: "PEAK!" Although, now I think about it, I think I've used it wrong...MOVING ON...

On a more recent note, my sister has just kicked me out of my bedroom - some people just don't understand the concept of "I will be two minutes, will you just wait a sec?" And I think the answer "Go the fuck away" was a little bit...Rude. Yes: rude.

Well, I'd better go back - God knows why I'd voluntarily do that though, come to think of it. Maybe due to the fact that it's 11:50 and we're going to visit more family tomorrow - it's going to be hectic! But nice, though. I may moan about them from time to time, but families are awesome and Christmas is a time for families - yes I am aware that I sound like a Coca Cola commercial right now...

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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