Friday, 4 April 2014

Kissing - are we all a little addicted?

I don't know if it's just me, but kissing is my favourite activity of all time. It's exciting and I swear some scientists said it was good for you because it releases stress or something...?!
Whatever the science is, there's something about having your hands in a guy's perfectly gelled hair that makes the room spin and gives you drunken butterflies on your stomach. this just a girl thing? My boyfriend, Humbug, can go days, weeks and perhaps even centuries without kissing me. I, on the other hand, need to be kissed constantly. Ok, not constantly. I'm not like Ron's thirsty girlfriend in Harry Potter! But maybe it's all the years of chick flicks that I've loved or maybe it's just the years of being locked up in the convent :L
So why doesn't hum want to kiss me every moment of every day?! :') I feel like I'm not an awful kisser and my breath is always minty fresh. So maybe it's a guy thing. Maybe they don't feel the need to play tonsil tennis...
Well. No regrets!
Grammar Gal
P.S I have come to the awesome discovery that I'm much happier when I wrote my blog but, honestly, my self esteem has been soaring as high as the Greek economy lately, so Ive not written in a while because I've been feeling blue and jealous and neglected. I've decided that my boyfriend isn't crazy about me but I can't decide how to deal with it - I reallllllly like him...! We shall see what summer brings :)

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