Monday, 18 November 2013

Say goodbye to the Queen of Jealousy

You know them girls who are absolutely mental - like Bridget jones in The Edge of Reason? Well, I've become one of their tribe: I speak the Jealous Language, I wear the Neurotic Uniform. I've just been a bit mental, to sum up.
As per usual, I've been dwelling on all of the reasons that me and Humbug shouldn't be together to try and turn me off him because I am a commitment phobe. I've also been totally crazy and jealous of him and other girls / insecure for no reason. Now, THIS is new. In all my other failed dating thingys I've never been a psycho, I'm usually Miss Mellow Marshmallow but now I'm acting like a twazzock.
So I have made the very sensible decision of retiring the Queen of Jealousy.
I've also decided to write on this blog more - I miss writing! It's all Funny Guy's fault for making me stop writing for 2 months and now I keep forgetting to write.
Also, humbug thinks my career goal is cliche :0
Ah it's so weird writing after so long!
Keep you posted (pinkie promise this time)
Grammar Gal xxx

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