Monday, 18 June 2012

The naivety argument

Today one of my best friends said my problems are "white middle class girl problems". I know in the back of my mind that I am a lucky girl from a middle-class suburban background who has an easy life. I'm not moaning about my life; nor am I naive - I know that there is suffering out there, but instead of moaning about it I want to change it and the first way to do that is to adopt a positive outlook to life so you're open to new solutions. That's increasingly hard to do when people are constantly trying to take off your rose-tinted glasses that make you see the world in a nicer light.
Today I also realised that one area of your life must always fall to crap; today I have watched 5 films, consumed 6 chocolate bars and was in a relatively good mood (I defy anyone to watch Dirty Dancing and not be left beaming by the end of it). That was until I checked my Facebook; Knight's in a relationship with his ex. Again, I must credit my Girl Intuition.
I feel angry but I can FINALLY move on from that jerk - he has nothing to offer me anymore; he lies and he doesn't like me in that way anymore.
Just wish he could have told me first. I've wasted 2 years of my life trying to get a Knight but it never occurred to me that there could be a prince/other-royal-member around the corner.
So I'm bidding adieu to the Fairytale ending with my supposed Mr Darcy who actually turned out to be a treacherous Mr Wickham; but don't worry, I'm leaving the Nunnery behind too.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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