Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What a difference a day makes

The sun's in my heart and I'm ready for love.. Yes, it's one of THOSE days; the sun is a brilliant blue, the Sun has got his hat on and I have got my Zen back :D
Don't ask me how - but I am no longer in that whole 'eurgh what is life' state. Perhaps because of yesterday where Knight didn't reply to my text and I just though 'Fuck 'im' and so I'm no longer dwelling on that (:
Then there's the fact that I didn't cry after today's GCSE exam (woo! progress!) so that's great :)
Oh, yes, and I was singing full-blast on my way home (I was in a very good mood) to a bit o' American Pie by Don Mclean and then I got to my door and didn't notice this guy approaching me to put an ad through my letterbox. I was still singing as loud as a foghorn and it was rather awkward when I realised that another human being with ears was standing in front of me. I had a little mini-heart attack and couldn't remember how to speak, so I just carried on singing and he gave me the ad in my hands and walked off. BUT here's the GOOD BIT: he went off humming American Pie. See?! There are other chirpy and weird people out there too!
Made my day :')

Right-o well, here's the deal, I have an exam on Pride and Prejudice in two days so I gotta fly.
Stay Zen chums,
Grammar Gal xxx

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