Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pride & Prejudice has evoked some thoughts..

I'm not a normal teenager.
After completing my English Lit GCSE today (including a study of Romeo and Juliet and Pride and Prejudice amongst other forms of torture) any normal teenager would move on with their lives, mellow out to some music and maybe watch a chick flick. What do I do? I watch Pride and Prejudice.
It's an amazing film which always makes me tear up at the end (you know the bit where she's telling her Dad - it's just so emotional).

I wish that my life was like Pride & Prejudice (other than the fact that women were second-class citizens and life was generally shit for anyone if you weren't a rich guy) because I love Elizabeth (or, maybe,  I just love Keira Knightley..) and her independence. But the film has provoked some depressing thoughts and reminded me of the Biggest Anti-Climax Of The Century which was when Knight and I FINALLY told each other that we lurve each other and stuff. And then...
The end.

Where was my meadow scene?! (if you don't understand the reference then go and watch that film before I bitchslap you)
Eurgh. I miss being gleeful in love like dear old Jane, and instead just feel shunned like poor Mary or Charlotte..
My Mr Darcy needs to get his priorities sorted out.
His exams end tomorrow so hopefully he'll initiate conversation then..? But I will NOT reply to the standard "Hey" and not receive a reply (AGAIN).

Huff... Elizabeth never had to put up with this shit.

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