Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Feeling Zen

As promised, I am re-blogging because I have something muchas cheerful to say. Yesterday was the BEST  day of the Christmas holidays because I went shopping with my best friend and hit the sales. She's one of them people that makes shopping bearable: if we had just been wandering around aimlessly then I have no doubt that I would have sat on the floor and had a temper tantrum and acted like a 2 year old. However, shopping was fin, with us both giving each other boy advice, school advice and friends advice. Must admit though I did feel a little bit sorry for all of the people that we were blatantly disturbing on the train. Oh, the looks!

Man with briefcase: Yes, Mark, we have to trade in these bonds blah blah blah.
Me and my best friend: Yeah and then he was like...and then she cheated on him with...and I was like Oh My God...

But, secretly, I think the people on the train were interested in our lives as shown by the way the whole carriage went silent and people craned their necks when she was reading out a text message she had received from an ex. What can I say? Everyone secretly likes hearing about the woes of teenage girls...

So, now I am completely Zen and I even bought a bracelet with a Peace Sign on it because I am a hippie. I am so Zen in fact that I have made no attempt to contact Knight, unless you count the failed prank call yesterday (he didn't even pick up his phone...)

Today is the last day of the holidays and I'm so gutted! Now I have to quickly revise for this IFS finance exam (a complete waste of time because I don't want to be a banker..) and teach myself Physics (that's the only way I will learn anything in time for my GCSE).
Wish me luck!
Grammar Gal

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